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Living Spaciously

Life Coaching for Women

Flourishing in steady and

shifting seasons.

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be present. gain perspective. explore possibilities. move with purpose

Living Spaciously  is that picture of yourself freely moving around your life with presence, awareness, and room to breathe as you navigate your way forward with intention and joy.

Are you Living Spaciously or do you know deep inside that it’s time to make a change? Perhaps you’re in a season of calm, steady waters yet you know there’s more. Perhaps you’re in a season where  shifting waves are causing unrest. That stirring is prompting you. You know. You’re ready to…


  • Embrace that life transition

  • Take action on that dream

  • Make that relationship better

  • Leave behind the old and step into the new

  • Lead with confidence

  • Be the fulfilled person you’ve been fashioned to be

  • Celebrate!

It can feel overwhelming to find a starting point. I can help! 


You will experience increasing awareness of your truest self on this coaching journey as you practice 4P Spacious Living.


You’re racing through life and/or there’s an emptiness echoing “I know there’s more….”

How do I slow down? How do I see beauty and discover more? Which way do I turn?

Image by Daoudi Aissa

Your thoughts seem to swirl causing you to feel stuck and confused.

Where do I begin? How can I notice and determine what matters?


You’ve experienced life turning out differently than expected.
Who will I become if I give myself permission to dream?



You’re skeptical, even fearful of the unknown.
How do I confidently move forward in uncharted w

Adventures Await

What might it look like to be fully present in your own life rather than merely survive on auto-pilot? How might your world look brighter as you see differently? What is the calling in your heart? Who will you be as you courageously step forward with purpose at a pace that fits you?

Because two are better than one, I’d be honored to come alongside and partner with you! I will provide a safe, still and calm space for you to be totally transparent and honest. I’ll attentively and patiently listen for your heart beyond your words and ask questions to draw out the beauty of who you are deep inside. You will discover how you can flourish in steady and shifting seasons. It is possible to experience Spacious Living!

Let’s have a chat! A complimentary Discovery Call will allow us to get to know one another, discuss your goals and explore what it could look like to work together.


Meet Shelley

It’s tough to notice or evaluate anything when “life” feels as if it’s swirling, pushing and pulling. But, once I experienced the transformational power of Life Coaching, I knew deep in my heart this was my next step, personally and professionally. I’ve learned to slow down, breathe and be present in steady and shifting seasons. I’ve moved from fatigued and restless to energized and focused. I realize I’m growing as I embrace unexpected curves on my journey, and I’m more comfortable in the uncomfortable. I am living spaciously!

Leaning into a new found freedom, I am able to give myself permission to be human and live life on purpose with joy and abundance! And, it has become my goal to help other women do the same.

Appreciating the inner beauty, integrity and intricacies of women on their journeys has always been a light that has drawn me closer. It has been my privilege to come alongside women for nearly 30 years mentoring, teaching, leading, training, and discipling in various environments. I’m looking ahead to robust Coaching relationships and continued respect for women as they walk through ages and stages of life.

Concrete Wall

What to Expect?

I love partnering with women invested in their own purposeful process toward self-discovery and forward movement. I am passionate about seeing you as an individual with unique qualities while acknowledging you are the only expert of you! During our sessions I offer you space and stillness to be present in your life and hear from your own heart. I will help you think more clearly, push you to go deeper and reach higher, and provide required structure to stay focused on the agenda you’ve chosen. I will manage the process, and you will manage the progress.

How are Coaching and Counseling different?

Coaching is a dynamic, thought-provoking, and creative process that focuses on your hopes, dreams, and desires and overcoming obstacles getting in the way. It is present to future oriented. Counseling is provided by a trained, licensed healthcare professional and tends to focus on healing and processing difficult emotions. It is past to present oriented.

Learn more by choosing a path below!


Choose Your Path

  • Let’s explore how a coaching partnership could serve and support you.

  • What’s possible if you were given uninterrupted time to focus on you a...

  • Journey with a small community of growth-minded women through a Biblic...


"Shelley Jacobson has been a trusted friend for years. The authenticity of her coaching has afforded me the opportunity to grow in my ministry and be the leader I want and need to be. The precise questions she asks have allowed me to step over the obstacles in my way and achieve more than I imagined possible. She has become a valuable part of my personal and professional growth. Thank you, Shelley."

-Misty Legler

Director, Ministry to Women, Woodside Bible Church

"Seasons of transition can bring uncertainty in knowing your next right thing. Through Shelley's coaching, she asked some tough but necessary questions that helped me see my giftings and abilities rightly. I was able to assess various opportunities with confidence and follow God's lead to a role that has stretched me personally and professionally. It has truly been one of my life's greatest blessings. I'm forever grateful to Shelley for her coaching and friendship!"

-Kristi Kirschmann

Executive Director, Our Daughters International

"It is my pleasure to recommend Shelley Jacobson as a coach and encourager. She has a warmth and engaging persona with the ability to patiently listen. She helped me to hear my heart and to clarify how I wanted to move forward in a new season. I was able to incorporate some visual reminders to keep me accountable to myself as I persevered through obstacles. Both personally and professionally, Shelley supported me through a confusing time of transition with honesty and grace."

-Christine Gahman


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Image by Linus Nylund

Charting a path and setting sail is brave!

Taking the first step toward your fashioned path, even scared, is reason to celebrate! Let's take this step together.


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